Top 8 Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

The first and foremost way to increase website traffic, promote your product and to get the best possible result out of carefully crafted internet marketing strategy is through better search engine ranking. Higher search engine ranking ensures higher placement in the search engine result. This means when a user search for information related to the product your company offers, your website will appear on first few top pages. The more visibility a website gets on search engine result the more chances will be there to connect with wider scale of audience.

Importance of search engine ranking:

• The fact is search engine results are more trusted by worldwide users than any other form of online advertising.
• If a company website doesn’t appear on top 30 pages of search engine result, there will be less chances of the website being found.
• Higher ranking in search engine result ensures to attract wide range of distinct visitors apart from the existing customers.
• Finally, search engine ranking to a large extent determines the amount of web traffic to your website.

Top 8 ways to improve search engine ranking:

Content is king

An old phrase but still so true! Write content that is fresh and original. Write in a way that lures audience to read till the end. Search engine ranking depends to a large extent on how unique and valuable content you provide for users. Don’t forget to update the content at regular intervals.

Be careful about keywords

Selection of keywords is a tough call, no matter how easy it seems. Use keyword that is relevant to your content. Use long tail keywords instead of too short and general one. However, don’t stuff keywords too many times into a webpage. This will not only going to make it read poorly but also search engine will rank it lower in the page result.

Say ‘yes’ to backlinks

Go for backlinks. This increases popularity of website and as well as facilitate page ranking. Though the main concern is, backlinks should come from popular and relevant websites. Page rank suffers if web links come from unpopular websites which look like spam to search engine. Therefore select backlinks carefully.

Use proper URLs

You already know you can’t use spaces in URL but don’t use underscores either. Use dashes instead. Apart from that for better result register URL with major search engine and directories. Finally, use simple URL structure.

Go social

We all know the role social networking sites play today. So go social, use the platform to promote your products and stay connected with customers. Sign up into sites like Facebook or Twitter; create online forum and discuss about company news online. This will increase quality traffic to your website.

Make proper page title

Use relevant keywords in page title. The title should be prepared in a way that tells the user what the content is all about. It should be written in a way that catches the attention of user at once.

Know your target users

To attract visitor’s traffic what primarily important is, to know the target audience. Unless one have a clear idea about the market it’s impossible to deliver.

Keep it simple

Use of flash, improper metatag code should be restricted. Make it simple, original, relevant and useful.

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