TrakkBoard, Managing Multiple Google Analytics Accounts

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If you find it’s hard to manage multiple Google Analytics accounts or multiple Google Analytics profiles, try Trakkboard. It is is a Free, easy to use desktop application that allows analysts to create dashboards that pull data across different Google Analytics logins and different Google Analytics profiles to display top level metrics all within the same view.

Some of the TrakkBoard‘s features include:

  • Trakkboard enables the compilation of reports of different websites without logging in at Google Analytics.
  • You can compare data of different accounts, websites and profiles without permanently changing sites at Google Analytics
  • You have the opportunity to compile individually and from different portals and websites all the key performance indicators which are of a certain importance for you on just one dashboard.
  • By means of tabs, you can create as many dashboards as you want and you can arrange the data individually
  • You can follow current developments on your desktop or you can lock certain data from changes to have them available at all times
  • With just one click, you can switch between the display formats, change time spans or rearrange data.

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