User Opinions: Google Pixel 8 – Is It Worth the Hype?

The Google Pixel 8 has garnered significant attention since its launch, thanks to several compelling features. Most notably, it claims to be the first Android phone offering an impressive 7 years of software updates, rivaling the support provided by Apple’s iPhone. This unique proposition has caught the eye of users seeking a long-term smartphone investment.

In this article, we explore user opinions and experiences with the Google Pixel 8 to help potential buyers determine if it’s the right phone for them.

User Opinions: A Positive Outlook

To gain insight into the real-world reception of the Google Pixel 8, we turned to Amazon, one of the primary platforms for tech product reviews. The Pixel 8 boasts nearly 500 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. While this rating equates to a solid 8.4 out of 10, it’s crucial to delve deeper into user feedback to form a comprehensive understanding of the device. Here’s what users have to say about the Google Pixel 8:

1. Exceptional Camera Quality

Many users emphasize the Google Pixel 8’s camera capabilities, going as far as to describe it as “more than a mobile phone with the best camera” and instead, “the best camera with a mobile phone.” Its image quality stands out in various lighting conditions, producing incredibly natural and detailed photos. Some users even consider it superior to Apple’s iPhone 15, an impressive feat for Google’s smartphone.

2. Clean, Compact Design

The Google Pixel 8 is praised for its compact design, making it comfortable to use with one hand. Users appreciate its excellent battery life, vibrant display, haptic vibration feedback, and ergonomic handling due to its compact dimensions. Additionally, the device includes a macro focus feature, which is a notable improvement over its predecessor, the Pixel 7.

3. Generous Software Support

The Pixel 8 stands out for its extended software support. With a promise of 7 years of updates, it is set to receive software upgrades until Android 21, making it an excellent choice for users seeking a long-lasting smartphone. This extended support period adds significant value to the device.

4. Minor Dissatisfaction with Battery Life

While the majority of users have had positive experiences with battery life, some have expressed dissatisfaction. One user reported a high battery consumption rate, even during idle periods. They noted that the device would drop from 100% to 85% overnight with no active apps, highlighting concerns about the device’s energy efficiency.

5. Incomparable Value

Many users find the Google Pixel 8 to be an exceptional value proposition. With its impressive camera, extended software support, and an attractive price point on Amazon (around €635), it is considered a compelling choice for those who want a high-end smartphone without the need for frequent upgrades.


The Google Pixel 8 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, thanks to its outstanding camera quality, compact design, and remarkable 7-year software support. While some users have reported issues with battery life, the overall consensus is that the device delivers excellent performance and value for its price. If you prioritize camera quality and extended software support, the Google Pixel 8 could be the Android smartphone you’ve been looking for, offering a compelling alternative to Apple’s iPhones.