WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Which App Excels in Calls and Video Calls?

WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the most popular messaging apps, known for their calling and video calling features. If you’re unsure which one to choose for your voice and video communication needs, this comparison will help you decide.

Call Blocking and Silence:

  • WhatsApp allows you to silence calls, but they’ll still appear on your screen.
  • In Telegram, you can block calls, preventing unwanted contacts from reaching you via this method.

Call Quality:

  • Telegram outshines WhatsApp in terms of call quality. It offers better sound quality, clearer calls, and lower latency.
  • While WhatsApp’s call quality is decent and has improved over time, Telegram delivers superior audio quality, less latency, and consumes less data and battery.

Video Calls:

  • WhatsApp provides slightly better image quality and sound in video calls.
  • Telegram, while not far behind in image quality, surpasses WhatsApp in terms of sound quality and latency for regular voice calls.

Group Video Calls:

  • WhatsApp excels in group video calls, allowing you to easily create video calls with multiple participants. You can add participants directly from your contact list.
  • In Telegram, group video calls are possible, but the experience differs. You need to create a group and designate the group admin to initiate a video call. The maximum limit for participants in Telegram group calls is 30.


  • For regular voice calls and video calls with individuals, Telegram offers better call quality, less latency, and efficiency in data and battery usage.
  • WhatsApp gains an edge in group video calls, offering a smoother experience and better sound quality.

Ultimately, your choice between WhatsApp and Telegram for calls and video calls depends on your preferences and priorities. You may consider trying both apps to see which one better aligns with your communication needs. However, if overall performance and quality are paramount, Telegram emerges as the preferred choice.