Xiaomi Redmi Watch 4 vs. Redmi Watch 3: A Detailed Comparison for Smart Buyers

Xiaomi’s Redmi Watch series stands out in the smartwatch market, offering an excellent balance between quality and affordability. The Redmi Watch 3 set a high bar with its array of features, only for the Redmi Watch 4 to arrive with enhancements aimed at elevating the user experience further.

The debate between the Redmi Watch 3 and the Redmi Watch 4 centers around whether the latest model justifies its price, especially when both are similarly priced on the official website. This comparison delves into their similarities and differences to help you make an informed decision.

Key Differences Between the Redmi Watch 4 and Redmi Watch 3

  • Display Size: The Redmi Watch 3 sports a 1.75-inch screen, while the Redmi Watch 4 upgrades to a 1.97-inch display.
  • Battery Life: Battery performance sees a significant improvement, with the Redmi Watch 4 offering up to 20 days, surpassing the 12 days offered by its predecessor.
  • Connectivity: The Redmi Watch 4 features a newer Bluetooth 5.3 for slightly faster data transmission.
  • Operating System: The Redmi Watch 4 runs on HyperOS, enhancing user interface and functionality.
  • Price: Although the price difference is minimal, the Redmi Watch 3 is slightly more affordable.

Similarities Between the Two Models

Despite their differences, both models share several features:

  • Both have AMOLED displays with a resolution of 390×450.
  • GPS functionality is standard in both models.
  • They offer numerous exercise modes, with the Redmi Watch 4 slightly leading with up to 150 modes.
  • Both are water-resistant up to 5 ATM and support Bluetooth calls.

Why Choose the Redmi Watch 3?

The Redmi Watch 3 is ideal for those seeking a compact, affordable, yet feature-rich smartwatch. It’s slightly cheaper, making it an excellent value proposition.

Why Opt for the Redmi Watch 4?

The Redmi Watch 4 is for those who prioritize the latest technology and features. It offers a larger display, a stainless steel body, lighter weight, NFC for payments, and improved sensors, making it a superior choice for tech enthusiasts.

Our Recommendation

Both smartwatches offer great features, including multiple sports modes, GPS, and the ability to make calls. However, the Redmi Watch 4 stands out with its larger display, enhanced operating system, and additional features such as NFC and a rotating crown, making it the recommended choice for those seeking the latest advancements.


Whether you choose the Redmi Watch 3 for its compactness and affordability or the Redmi Watch 4 for its upgraded features, both models are excellent purchases. However, the Redmi Watch 4’s enhancements make it worth the extra investment for those seeking the best in smartwatch technology.