Xiaomi transparent interface: this theme returns transparencies to the status bar

With the MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13 update, some Xiaomi mobiles saw an important change in the interface. The status bar , where the control center is located, changes color and transparency . Xiaomi’s transparent interface ceased to be transparent to show a uniform and grayish color. The complaints keep coming in, so today we’re going to tell you how to reverse the change and make the search bar transparent again.

Not the entire Xiaomi catalog underwent this change, only the mid-low range mobiles . The company’s cheaper phones implemented this change, probably to simplify the interface and make it less heavy.

How to get the transparent interface back on a Xiaomi

The change from transparent to opaque was quite drastic for millions of users around the world. They went from having a pretty interface to a much simpler one. Also, the dark gray color makes everything look much less aesthetic. Today we tell you how to change it easily!

The change is possible thanks to the Xiaomi Themes , which allow you to customize the interface in a very detailed way. By following the steps below you will be able to restore transparency to the Xiaomi control center. And the good news is that you won’t see any other changes, as the theme will be applied only to the affected part of the interface.

  1. Open the Themes app on your Xiaomi
  2. Search ” Flash UI ” Theme and download it
  3. In the Themes app go to the profile section (located in the lower right area)
  4. Click on ‘Customize Theme’
  5. Go to ‘Status Bar’
  6. Select the Theme ” Flash UI
  7. Reboot the device

With these steps you will make the status bar and control center transparent again. Also, with the last step you will make the selected theme only apply to that part of the interface and not to all.

It is also possible to apply the entire theme to your smartphone and change the entire interface. If you don’t like the result, you just have to enter the Themes app and apply the default theme.

With this simple tutorial you will get your Xiaomi mobile to show the transparencies of before and forget, for a while, about the changes implemented by Xiaomi. Are you going to apply it? How do you prefer to see the interface of your mobile?