Xiaomi works on the smartphone with the best camera on the market: it will be similar to a DSLR camera

A patent filed by Xiaomi and leaked by Xiaomiui reveals that the company is working on a spectacular new smartphone . It will be camera-focused, we don’t know his name and also when, if ever, he will show up. The curious thing about this patent is that Xiaomi could use a DSLR-style camera with real and variable optical zoom. Yes, like the zoom of a lifelong photo camera. This would entail a great leap for the company and a truly curious smartphone.

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex . A system of combined mirrors allow shooting and zooming through fixed or interchangeable lenses . The digital cameras of a lifetime are DSLRs and now Xiaomi wants something similar.

A camera with a single sensor and gigantic variable zoom

The patent and the leaks make it clear that Xiaomi wants to stand out in the photographic section. He has already shown that he knows how to do things well in terms of brute force and that he has more and more points in software treatment. One of your next smartphones could come with a simplified camera.

The term simplified would refer to the number of sensors , not the overall complexity of the camera. This would have a single main sensor and a mirror system to be able to implement a variable zoom .

That is, the device would have a zoom system similar to that of compact cameras : a series of concentric rings change the focal length with a different optical and real zoom at each point. Xiaomi, with this system, would end the digital zoom at any point of the increase.

Samsung already tried something similar

You must not think that this is the first time we see something like this. Samsung released the Galaxy K Zoom a few years ago, a compact camera with a “big” screen, Android, and the features of a phone. The zoom and camera quality stood out, although it was too thick and heavy to become the users’ favorite smartphone.

Technology has come a long way since then, so Xiaomi could now implement a much more usable system on a day-to-day basis . Even so, a smartphone like the one proposed in the patent could have a fairly considerable hump due to the camera module.

Whether or not it will arrive is a complete unknown. At the moment we only have some leaks, rumors and an officially filed patent. We will have to wait to see if it becomes a reality. Would you like to see something like this? Do you think it would be the smartphone with the best camera on the market ?