Tinder activates Festival Mode: how it works and festivals

Tinder activates the Festival Mode and thus makes things easier for you to meet your better half before attending any face-to-face event during the year. This is a new functionality that the dating platform has developed together with different event producers so that people can previously meet those who will accompany them at the festivals … Read more

How to activate dark mode on an iPhone

It is extremely easy to activate the dark mode on the iPhone and iPad , a feature that has been present in the system for several versions of iOS and that today we will detail how to enable it to give your device a different look at any time of the day. Dark mode has … Read more

Learn how to verify your PayPal and remove limits

Although there are multiple platforms similar to PayPal, the popularity of PayPal is undeniable. However, if you want to get the most out of PayPal, it’s important to verify your account . Please note that PayPal allows its unverified accounts to send and receive money, but limits the amount they can handle on the platform. … Read more