Debunked: The Myth of PC Interference with Router Signals

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In the realm of internet connectivity, one common question arises: does a computer or technological device truly interfere with router waves? Is it better to keep it away, or is it merely a misconception? Let’s delve into this inquiry to uncover the truth. Dispelling the Myth: PC and Router Interference Contrary to popular belief, a … Read more

Boosting Your Wi-Fi: When to Connect to the Router vs. the Repeater

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Are you struggling to decide whether to connect your device to the router or the repeater for optimal internet performance? In this article, we’ll guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you achieve excellent signal quality, high speed, and minimal disruptions during your internet browsing sessions. Connecting Directly to the Router: The Preferred Option … Read more

Keeping Your Movistar Router Up-to-Date: A Guide to Firmware Updates

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Our Movistar router, much like our everyday devices such as smartphones and computers, requires firmware updates to enhance stability and, in some instances, introduce new features. In this guide, we will explain how you can update your Movistar router using three different methods. Automatic Download One of the simplest options is the automatic download. When … Read more