Apple Arcade’s Uncertain Future: Challenges and Developer Concerns

When we talk about Apple, we’re not just referring to a giant in tech gadgetry but also to a powerhouse of digital services. From music and movies to news and cloud storage, Apple has made significant strides. However, its venture into the gaming sector with Apple Arcade seems to be facing turbulent times.

The Story of Apple Arcade

A Second Attempt in Gaming: Apple Arcade represents Apple’s renewed effort in the gaming industry, following their initial, unsuccessful foray with the Pippin console in the 90s. Today, Apple Arcade aims to offer a diverse gaming catalog across all Apple devices for a subscription fee, promising quality gaming without ads.

Growing Concerns and Criticisms

“Apple Arcade Smells Like Death”: This alarming statement from MacRumors highlights the concerns swirling around Apple Arcade. Developers, integral to the platform, express frustration and skepticism, citing Apple’s lack of passion and investment in gaming compared to its other services like music and television.

Developer Dissatisfaction: A Core Issue

Falling Payments and Opaque Metrics: The discontent among developers largely stems from reportedly decreasing payments and unclear performance metrics. According to MacRumors, there’s confusion around what Apple terms as the “qualifying season” for performance bonuses, with no clarity on how these are determined.

The Disparity in Profits

Unequal Earnings Based on Game Genre: The report also sheds light on the disparity in earnings among different types of games. It seems that independent games with simpler narratives and gameplay mechanics are not as profitable as more engaging and complex games.

The Bigger Picture: Apple Arcade’s Struggle

A Service in Peril: The culmination of these issues has led to growing criticism of Apple Arcade, even from those who provide its content. There’s a palpable sense that Apple Arcade is in a precarious position, with industry professionals sensing an ominous future for the service.


Apple Arcade’s journey reflects the challenges of venturing into the competitive world of gaming services. With mounting concerns from developers and critiques of Apple’s commitment to the platform, the future of Apple Arcade hangs in the balance. As the industry watches on, only time will tell if Apple can turn around its gaming service or if it will succumb to the hurdles it currently faces.