Unlocking iPhone Calculator Tricks: Keep Track of Your Calculations

Have you ever made an important calculation on your iPhone, only to accidentally delete it and lose the result? Frustrating, right? The iPhone’s native calculator app is user-friendly but lacks a history-saving feature for privacy reasons. Don’t worry, though; we have some clever workarounds to help you manage your calculation history efficiently.

Viewing the Last Calculation: A Quick Trick

Instant Access to the Last Result: Even after closing the app, you can easily retrieve the result of your most recent calculation:

  • Using the ‘Copy Last Result’ Shortcut: Long-press the Calculator app icon on your home screen or in the app library and select “Copy last value.” You can then paste this result into a note or message. This shortcut is also accessible from the Control Center: just add the Calculator to the Control Center, hold the Calculator icon, and select “Copy last result.”

Utilizing the Memory Function

Harness the Power of the Scientific Calculator: The default Calculator app may look basic, but it hides an advanced scientific mode with a memory function. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Switch to Landscape Mode: Unlock “Portrait Orientation” and rotate your iPhone to landscape mode to access the scientific calculator.
  2. Save with ‘Memory’: After making a calculation, tap ‘m+’ to save the result. To retrieve it later, hit ‘mr’. To clear the memory, use ‘mc’.

Third-Party Calculator Apps

Explore More Advanced Options: If you need a more comprehensive solution, numerous third-party apps in the App Store offer enhanced features, including a full calculation history. Just search for “calculator” and find the one that suits your needs.

Using Screen Recording

A Creative but Cumbersome Solution: You can also use your iPhone’s screen recording feature to keep track of your calculations:

  1. Add Screen Recording to Control Center: Go to Settings, find Control Center, and add “Record Screen.”
  2. Record Your Calculations: Start the screen recording, open the Calculator app, and do your calculations. Stop the recording when done.
  3. Playback: To review your calculations, play the recorded video from the Photos app.

Note: This method can be a bit tedious and will consume storage space.


Gone are the days of losing important calculations on your iPhone. Whether you opt for quick tricks like the ‘Copy Last Result’ shortcut, explore the scientific calculator’s memory function, try third-party apps, or even use screen recording, you have several options to manage your calculation history effectively.