Does Netflix have good games? Yes… Do your subscribers play them? Not even 1%

Netflix sigue lanzando juegazos gratis en Android pero nadie los juega

Ever since Netflix announced that they would be releasing their own games, the platform hasn’t stopped expanding its catalog of titles with authentic mobile games such as Relic Hunters: Rebels and Asphalt Xtreme. They are even responsible for bringing Twelve Minutes (the acclaimed computer mystery game) to Android.

Well, although those responsible for the Netflix games division have been in charge of creating an attractive catalog for subscribers of the service, it seems that this does not matter to users . Why? Well, because a study has revealed that less than 1% of Netflix subscribers play its titles.

Netflix keeps releasing great free games on Android, but nobody plays them

Juegos de Netflix agosto 2022

According to an investigation published by CNBC carried out with data provided by Apptopia (consulting firm specializing in the app market), Netflix games are going from bad to worse . The 24 titles published so far have only accumulated 23.3 million downloads, but what is even worse is that only 1.7 million people are playing them . This represents only 1%, considering that Netflix has 220 million subscribers.

In addition, everything seems to indicate that this will not improve in the coming months . The board hoped that with the success of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the titles inspired by this series and that are available in its game catalog would be revalued, but it did not happen. The Queen’s Gambit and Money Heist themed games coming in the second half of this year are likely to meet the same fate.

At the moment, Netflix has not revealed the amount that the platform has invested in this foray into the video game market. However, it must be remembered that the purchase of the Finnish studio Next Games alone cost him around 72 million dollars . To this we must add the massive loss of subscribers that the service has received in recent months.

Netflix has not yet resolved how to maintain its leadership in the streaming market that is threatened by the arrival of new competition and it seems that the commitment to gaming is not the solution . And you… Do you think the day will come when Netflix is a platform where people play and not just watch series?