First details of the Samsung Galaxy A54: 50 MP camera, without depth sensor and with Android 13

Are you waiting for the news from Samsung in the Galaxy A series? The first details of the next generation have already leaked. We can learn certain news about the Samsung Galaxy A54, one of the star mobiles for the 2023 catalog. The leaks focus on the photographic section, which could take a significant leap. The funny thing is that to offer this supposed improvement , it is possible that it reduces the megapixels of the main sensor.

As you already know, the fact of having more or less megapixels is not synonymous with a better or worse camera. It does influence, but it is not a determining factor. There are much more advanced 12 MP cameras than 64 or 108 MP.

The Galaxy A54 will debut a 50 MP camera

Leaks have confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy A54 5G for 2023 will debut a new 50 MP sensor. For many users it may be a disappointment, since the Galaxy A52 and A53 include 64 MP main sensors. That Samsung opts for a drop in megapixels is not bad news.

The company may have found a better balance in photo quality with a 50 MP sensor. At the moment we do not know if it will be manufactured by Sony or by Samsung itself. What is to be expected is that the photographic quality is higher.

It is very likely that the 50 MP sensor that the Galaxy A54 will include will be above the current 64 MP sensor of the Galaxy A53. Even so, it is necessary to wait to confirm it.

Goodbye to the depth sensor

The Galaxy A54 will also debut another novelty: it removes the depth sensor from the equation. This sensor is quite common in low-end and mid-range models. The reality is that the software is already capable of doing the work of this type of sensor: which is to measure distances in order to focus on one object or another in portrait modes.

In the high-end they have not been present for years and in the low-end they only serve to attract the user’s attention. Samsung is going to do without it with the Galaxy A54 and it is unknown if it will replace it or not.

Probably the Galaxy A54 arrives with a triple camera and not quadruple like the current Galaxy A53. Again, this is not a reason to announce bad news, as it is a sensor that is easily replaceable by software.

The Galaxy A54 will arrive with Android 13 and One UI 5

It seems unbelievable that this is cause for joy, but the way Android fragmentation is, it is something to celebrate. The Galaxy A54 will come out of the box with Android 13 and One UI 5, something that very few devices currently have at the moment.

When it will arrive is a complete unknown, so you must wait patiently. The current Galaxy A53s were launched in March, so if the strategy is repeated, the official presentation is still a few months away from becoming a reality.