Google Play Games for Windows receives a lot of improvements along with its open beta

google play games windows beta abierta

Starting the year, Android games officially came to Windows 10 and 11 through Google Play Games. However, until now this new feature has remained a closed beta to very few players and in just three countries.

That just changed, because Google Play Games opened its beta on desktop , lowered the requirements, expanded availability to new countries, and added new titles as well. Yes, there is a lot of good news that comes at once, but we summarize it all for you.

Google Play Games for Windows is now available in 5 countries through its open beta

After several months of closed testing, Google Play Games for Windows has moved into its open beta. Going forward, you will no longer have to join the waitlist to gain access to this feature. The reason? Any user will be able to officially join the experience of playing Android games on Windows 10 and 11, although with one condition.

The open beta is only available in 5 countries: Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia . Yeah, that’s really few, but the closed beta was only available in the top 3, so that’s a preview.

When will Google Play Games for Windows be available worldwide? We still don’t know anything about its launch in Spain and other territories. However, having entered open beta, it is very likely that the number of regions will begin to expand rapidly. Also, this was not the only surprise that Google revealed.

Google lowers the requirements of Google Play Games on PC, adds new titles and improves its interface

google play juegos reduce requisitos windows

Alongside the above announcement, Google reported that its Windows Games app has also received some improvements. From the outset, there are no longer 13 titles that are available on the platform, but 50 Android games perfectly adapted to work on computers. As we mentioned in the launch article, this adaptation goes through things like: compatibility with mouse, keyboard, controls and large format screens, as well as synchronization of progress between devices.

Additionally, the company updated the Google Play Games interface on PC, adding Material You and changing the navigation bar to a horizontal carousel. The intention of this change? Integrate desktop apps with their Android equivalents.

Finally, another important change that Google Play Games receives on Windows is that the minimum requirements have been lowered . Now you will need at least one computer like this to be able to play Android games on your PC:

  • Operating system : Windows 11 or 10 (v2004 or higher).
  • Processor – A minimum of 4 physical cores.
  • Graphics : Intel UHD 630 or equivalent.
  • RAM memory : 8 GB.
  • Storage : 10 GB of free space, preferably on an SSD.
  • Have an administrator account in Windows.
  • Activate hardware virtualization on the computer.

How much have the requirements changed? Previously, it required double the storage (20GB), gaming-grade graphics (from Nvidia or AMD), and a CPU with 8 logical cores. As you can see, it is a considerable reduction, which means that Google has optimized this platform a lot during these months. In fact, almost any current computer could run Google Play Games without any problem.

Are you ready for when this platform arrives in Spain?