Instagram stories are now 1 minute long!

instagram stories 60 segundos para todos los usuarios

How many times has it happened to you that you want to know something on Instagram and you have to watch 3 or 4 stories in a row to find out? It’s really annoying that the video cuts off, right? Although it is true that sometimes it does not take more than 15 seconds to tell something on Instagram, there are times when it does.

This is one of the reasons why TikTok has positioned itself so well against Instagram, because its 60-second posts go a long way. Meta realized this late last year and decided it was time to increase the length of stories on their platform. The relevant tests were done and everything went well, so now the 60-second stories on Instagram are now available to everyone .

A full minute of content in Stories, without cuts and for everyone!

instagram aumenta duracion stories 60 segundos

Instagram has just released an update that increases the time limit of each story from 15 seconds to 60 seconds . Until now, recording any video longer than 15 seconds to post to your stories would result in it being sectioned across multiple posts.

In principle, this was not bad for you as a creator, because you could still publish everything. However, there are three situations in which it was a problem: first, that your followers saw your post with cuts ; second, that when you wanted to save your stories you had to do it in multiple files; third, when you had to add texts, stickers or music or more (synchronizing everything was a headache).

You no longer have to worry about that, because Instagram quadrupled the time of its stories and 60 seconds go a long way. Now you can post your tutorials, recipes, and more to your stories quickly, without any hassle or fear of things getting out of sync.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this feature has been tested since the end of 2021, but is now available to all users . Specifically, the version of the Instagram app that integrates this update is v254. for Android and iOS . It is already available in the Google and Apple app stores, so you can download it.

The only detail? The activation is done from the side of the Instagram servers , so you may have to wait a couple more days to have your 60-second stories on Instagram.


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