Install Dynamic Island on any Android with this App: it's free and it works very well

We knew it wouldn’t take too long and it has. There is already an application on Google Play to install the Dynamic Island on any Android smartphone . It has been developed by a well-known XDA Developers user, it is free and has many functions. If you like this Apple solution, you may want to have it on your Android device in an extremely simple way. The app is called DynamicSpot and you can already download it from the Play Store.

A few days ago we told you that Xiaomi had already launched a theme to be able to install a kind of Dynamic Island on its devices. Today we are talking about an app, so this software can be taken to any mobile of any brand .

DynamicSpot, the app to have the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro

The DynamicSpot app has the same objective as Apple’s Dynamic Island: to make the hole in the screen have a function beyond being in the way. You simply have to download the app from Google Play and configure it by following a few simple steps.

You have to give it permissions for almost everything , as it needs access to the screen, the interface and notifications. The developer is quite well known and his intentions do not seem bad, but they are data that you should know.

Once installed and configured, the “island” will appear on your home screen. The app should detect where your hole is and position the “island” in such a way as to hide it. Once there it will start to show notifications , warnings and everything that you have configured at the beginning.

The app has a lot of customization and you can move, enlarge or modify the “island” to your liking. Also configure what type of notices you want to see and from which applications. Of course, when you see a notification you can leave the “island” pressed and an animation will enlarge it as it happens on iPhones.

It is a curious method of receiving notifications and warnings in a different way. Of course, a large part of Android mobiles have much smaller holes, so this solution will worsen your visual of the screen.

You don’t lose anything by trying, because DynamicSpot is completely free on Google Play . If you like it a lot, it has a payment option for about 5 euros that allows you to take its functions one step further. How about? Are you going to try it?