Kobo Elipsa: complete review of the brand's new e-reader

Kobo Elipsa is the new e-reader from the Canadian company Kobo, dedicated to the sale of audiobooks, e-books, e-readers and tablets. Kobo belongs to the Japanese conglomerate Rakuten and now presents its most advanced reading device, with a lot of autonomy and a screen practically the size of a tablet.

Everything you need to know about Kobo Elipsa


E-readers are characterized by having a screen with electronic ink. This technology (which began to be developed in 1997) allows the creation of flat and incredibly thin screens, as much as a sheet of paper and that, in addition, allows these screens to be folded. However, the Kobo Elipsa, from Rakuten, bets on more than a simple device to read books.

Despite its large screen (10.3 inches), this e-reader is quite comfortable to handle thanks to its side designed so that you can read with one hand. Design is no big deal. Typical of all e-readers on the market: dark plastic, transparent plastic and non-slip on the front. Without a doubt, what is most striking is its size and that, with the exception of turning it on and off, the device is completely tactile.

Con Kobo Elipsa puedes escribir directamente en el libro, gracias a un stylus

This e-reader has good lighting and the interface is very fast, so you don’t have to worry if you are deeply into your reading and want to change pages in a hurry. In addition, the orientation of the screen also changes on the spot. The screen type is Letter E Ink 1200 touchscreen and has 227 pp, with a 1404 x 1872 resolution. Ideal for demanding readers!


There is something new about the Kobo Elipsa : its load type. And it is that this now includes a USB-C port, which provides greater flexibility in terms of charging; This means that we can load it with any cable of this type of port that we have at home. This device offers, like the vast majority of e-readers, weeks of autonomy. Of course, the battery life depends on how you use the device.

The autonomy is limited a bit by the pencil with which it works and which we will talk about later. This Stylus is powered by AAAA battery.


The Kobo Elipsa uses the Kobo Desktop software to synchronize content between your Microsoft or Mac computer. Another thing you can do from this device is write notes and send them directly to Dropbox or export them to your computer when you connect the e-reader to your PC. .

It also integrates Pocket, to be able to read articles that we save on other devices, to read them in Elipsa whenever we want. But how do we open an article in Elipsa? Thanks to its Internet connection via WiFi. Regarding compatibility, this e-reader supports the following files:

  • EPUB
  • EPUB3
  • FlePUB
  • Pdf
  • MOBI
  • Jpeg
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • Tiff
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • CBZ
  • CBR

Don’t worry about storage, it has 32Gb memory; so you can store thousands of books, comics, texts and images.

Why is the Kobo Elipsa the best choice?

Rakuten’s Kobo Elipsa is not just any e-reader. For starters, it has a powerful 1.8 GHz multi-core processor that will allow you to do your activities very quickly. There will be no waiting times when you want to load content, navigate between pages, or access device applications.

We tell you that one of the great attractions of the Elipsa is its Kobo Stylus pencil. With it, you can underline and highlight what you want from the books you are reading, but also draw with it : as if you had a paper book in your hands! In fact, in the “Notebooks” section, you can create your various texts and drawings. The pen includes two functions that are easily interchanged with a single button.

Is the Kobo Stylus comfortable to use? We tell you that this pen allows you to write directly on the device and reacts to the pressure you apply, so it is possible that you feel a kind of latency while you are using the Stylus. And to erase? Easy! You just have to activate some very comfortable buttons that will reverse if you make a mistake.

With this pencil you can not only underline, highlight or enclose important paragraphs and words in a book, but you can also leave notes in the margin for convenience, while you are studying. Later, you can organize these annotations to find them easily whenever you need.

Highlight important content!

Continuing with this function, we tell you that you can transform your texts into digital format and export them immediately to your computer either by cable or by uploading it to the Drive. How to do it? Only by pressing a comfortable button. So you can take your notes at work or school meetings and almost immediately receive a PDF of the information you just wrote down. Is there anything more incredible than this?

Another advantage of the Kobo Elipsa is that you can easily store the titles available in the Kobo eBooks store. You have more than 6 million titles to read! Getting hold of them is incredibly easy and, of course, don’t forget that it has the Pocket function (it works with an Internet connection), to read the articles you save on your mobile whenever you want, directly to your e-reader. Why not read them on the mobile and yes on the e-reader? Basically because reading in Elipsa does not involve distractions. You will not receive annoying notifications every time you try to read some text.

Reading comfort thanks to Kobo Elipsa

Yes, the Kobo Elipsa is out of the ordinary size for an e-reader. Its dimensions are 193 x 227.5 x 7.6 mm and the 10.3-inch screen is still incredibly comfortable to handle. You can easily transport it wherever you go, as it is very light (it weighs approximately 383 grams) and, best of all, you can use only one hand to hold it while you read.

Puedes colocar el e-reader en el ángulo que desees

But if you get tired, don’t worry, Kobo always thinks of the most avid readers. This new e-reader can be placed at a perfect angle, at the height that is most comfortable for you to read, but also to write. In a hurry and no time to turn off your Kobo? All you have to do is close the cover that protects the device, the SleepCover; Thus, the e-reader will go into automatic standby mode. In addition, thanks to its magnetic flap closure, you can remove the cover easily.

Don’t worry too much about the view with Kobo. It has the ComfortLight function included. This Rakuten technology allows the light to be of a single color, with an adjustable brightness and that you can regulate whenever you need it. And if you are a night reader, you can also activate this mode so as not to hurt your eyes.

As for accessibility, we tell you that handling this e-reader is very easy and intuitive. It only has the on / off button and everything else is fully tactile. It also has many languages preloaded, in case you are one of those people who like to navigate in more than one language. Here you will find, for example, in addition to Spanish and Mexican Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and even Japanese and Chinese. Of course, languages like Danish, Swedish or Norwegian are also an alternative. And, curiously, you can also configure your Kobo Elipsa in Catalan.