Twitch is not going! Discover here what happens with the platform and how to see it

Twitch esta caido a nivel mundial que ha pasado

Our favorite streaming platform is down. Twitch is not starting the year on the right foot. On this third day of 2023, the platform is experiencing one of its worst falls in years. That’s right, Twitch has stopped working globally , and if you are wondering why, then we will try to find the answer to this problem. In addition, we will also explain how you can watch Twitch even though it is down.

Twitch is down worldwide: what happened and solution

como ver Twitch si esta caido If you are here it is because you surely tried to enter Twitch and realized that the platform does not work. But don’t worry, it’s not a problem with your Internet or your Twitch account . In fact, it is a worldwide platform crash that has just been recognized for the service.

As you can see in the tweet below, the official Twitch support account has just confirmed that they are aware of the outage and are currently investigating the cause of this issue.

Now, it is important to mention that, for the moment, the platform has not revealed the reason for this drop . However, it is clear that the problem is only in some areas of the platform, since the channels that were broadcasting when the crash occurred are still live. Would you like to know how to see them? Well, we explain it to you below.

How to watch Twitch if it’s down

There is only one way to watch Twitch at this time. As we already mentioned above, the channels that were already broadcasting at the time of the fall continue live and can be seen . And don’t worry, you don’t have to download anything, you just have to use a browser.

All you have to do is manually enter the URL of the Twitch channel you want to see in the browser bar , for example: and that’s it. We’ll keep you posted in case new information emerges about this Twitch outage.

UPDATE : Twitch has reported on Twitter that they have now resolved the platform issue. So simply refresh the page (or close and reopen the app) if it still doesn’t work for you to continue watching your favorite shows.