Xiaomi gets serious: MIUI 14 will mean one of the most important changes of the latest versions

It is not yet clear when MIUI 14 will become official, although we can know one of its biggest changes compared to previous versions. This customization layer will mean a before and after in a very controversial section of Xiaomi mobiles. The debate has been open for years and Xiaomi has been half solving it. We talk about ads in MIUI and bloatware . A leaked report suggests that all this will disappear completely with the arrival of MIUI 14.

Bloatware are the applications that come pre -installed on Xiaomi mobiles and that, in some cases, can entail a significant storage cost. They cannot be easily uninstalled and number ten in some cases.

Goodbye to advertising on Xiaomi mobiles

A report that comes from China warns you: Xiaomi would be working to completely eliminate advertising from its mobile phones . It has been around for a couple of versions allowing its deactivation, although there are many users who don’t know it and continue to suffer from these ads.

Xiaomi wants MIUI to be a quality customization layer and its proposal is to remove any type of advertisement in MIUI 14. This not only includes notifications or certain parts of the system, but also banners that are displayed in certain system applications. .

Bloatware could go away too

Xiaomi is also thinking about getting rid of those pre- installed apps that are almost impossible to delete. It depends a lot on the countries and markets, but sometimes there may be up to 10-15 third party apps on your device right after starting it.

The idea is to leave the devices clean and that only the system applications such as the camera, the clock or the calendar are there. Others like TikTok, Facebook, etc., would not enter the equation. What’s more, Xiaomi already did a test with the launch of the Xiaomi 12 in China, in which it only includes 7 system applications.

All wait patiently until MIUI 14 becomes official and this decision reaches the devices. It is great news that Xiaomi wants to improve in this section and be more like other companies like Google or Apple when it comes to software. How about?