20 FREE Paid Apps: 100% discount for these Google Play apps

If you have space on your device, you’re in luck: today you can download 20 Android applications totally free . What is special about collecting them in an article? They are paid Apps that cost money and can only be downloaded for free for a while. They are all available on Google Play and are compatible with almost all smartphones on the market. You will be able to save a few tens of euros/dollars!

There are often many developers who use Google Play offers to promote their apps. In this case, they are paid applications that have become completely free. You will be able to download the 20 apps at no cost, although you must hurry.

These 20 Android apps are now free

These types of offers are usually available between 24 and 48 hours from the start. We don’t know how long the current ones have been around, so they could return to their normal state at any time. Our recommendation is that you take a good look at the list and download all the ones that seem interesting to you.

You do not lose anything, because the download is completely free and you can keep them on your smartphone for life . If Google Play asks you to pay for an app, it means that the offer has expired and you can’t take advantage of it.

  1. Plurals Test & Practice PRO – Google Play
  2. Super Notes – Google Play
  3. Light Tosca – Google Play
  4. Spelling Gaps PRO – Google Play
  5. MDScan + OCR – Google Play
  6. Synonyms PRO – Google Play
  7. TouchNap – Google Play
  8. white noise Pro – Google Play
  9. Loan Calculator Pro – Google Play
  10. Learn Korean Word – Google Play
  11. Math: Multiplication Table – Google Play
  12. Notes – Google Play
  13. AstraVPN – Google Play
  14. Awf Material 3 – Google Play
  15. Livemocha – Google Play
  16. Lecture Notes – Google Play
  17. Note Recognition – Google Play
  18. Ringtone Scheduler – Google Play
  19. Number to word converter – Google Play
  20. Shortcuts widget – Google Play

How many are you going to download?