Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

Las mejores apps de conversor de monedas

One of the problems that travelers often face is currency conversion. Some currencies are accepted in several countries, such as the Euro, but most of the countries in the world have their own currencies . Consequently, when traveling abroad, it is very likely that you will find yourself with the need to calculate the equivalence between currencies .

However, this is not just a problem for travelers. We are in the digital age and Internet transactions are becoming more and more common, so even if you do not travel, you may also need to perform this conversion task at some point. In this sense, having a currency converter application on your mobile can be essential in different situations , so here we bring you the best applications for it.

Top 5 Currency Converter Apps for Android

The Google Play store has a large number of currency converter applications. If you go blind it will be difficult to determine which ones are the best or which one is ideal for you, but do not worry. We know that it is overwhelming to have so many options, that’s why we have narrowed down the list to the 5 best currency converter apps that you can use on your Android mobile .

Currency: Easy Currency Converter

Conversor de divisas facil

When we search for currency converter on Google Play, the first result is Easy Currency Converter, and it didn’t earn that spot for nothing. It is a very complete application with more than 200 world currencies (including some metals and cryptocurrencies), live exchange rates, charts, and much more. It has offline mode and a system to save your favorite or most used currencies , so that you always have them at hand.

Currency Plus: Currency Converter

Conversor de Divisa Plus

Divisa Plus is an application that provides everything you need in its free version . Use the live exchange rate of AccuRate™ so you can make your conversions with all the currencies of the world. It also includes a calculator that will allow you to make calculations with percentages, ideal for discounts. It has offline mode for when you don’t have Internet and theme customization. However, if you want add-ons such as widgets, a converter with the camera, no advertising, among others, you will have to pay for the Pro version .

iCurrency: Currency Converter – Money and Cryptocurrencies

Conversor de divisas iCurrency

If you usually handle cryptocurrencies apart from other currencies, then iCurrency converter is the one for you. It has the exchange rate of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies compared to other converters: more than 170 currencies and more than 100 cryptocurrencies that are updated every minute . With a light and elegant interface, which you can also customize, it is a very attractive application.

Exchange rate: Currency Converter

Tipo de cambio conversor de divisa

Exchange rate is a very complete application just like the previous ones. It has different sections where you can view your favorite currencies and their values , establishing one as a base; a direct converter; comparative graphs to see the fluctuations between two currencies; and even the most remarkable, a section to see the different bills of each currency , which will help you not to be deceived with bills that do not correspond to the currency you want.

Calculator: Xiaomi Calculator

Calculadora de Xiaomi

Would you like to do currency conversations only with the mobile calculator? If you are a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO user, you are in luck. The Xiaomi calculator includes a currency converter section that is updated with the Webull exchange rate, without the need to install anything. If you are looking for something simple and functional, then this calculator will be enough for you. Don’t have a Xiaomi mobile? Don’t worry, you can also download it from Google Play and replace your default calculator .


Price: Free

If the Xiaomi calculator has caught your attention, you may be interested in the 5 best calculators for your Android. On the other hand, if you’re going on a trip, don’t forget, in addition to downloading your currency converter, prepare your mobile phone before you travel.