Games at 120 FPS on your mobile even if they don't support it? The OnePlus 11 does it this way

oneplus 11 como logra ejecutar juegos 120 fps

After several weeks of waiting and rumors, the OnePlus 11 is a reality. OnePlus’ new flagship (and first for 2023) is a beast of arms to take, as it features the best the company has on hand. Some examples? The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 100 W fast charging and a screen with QHD + resolution, 120 Hz frequency and LTPO 3.0, even without being the Pro model.

The display features are great on their own, but OnePlus decided to go further and coupled it with a special chip: the Pixelworks X7. What does it achieve? It turns out that the OnePlus 11 can run more than 100 games at 120 FPS , even without native support. He is the first to achieve such a thing, but how come he achieves such a feat? What advantages does this offer? We explain it below.

Pixelworks X7, the image chip that revolutionizes video games in the OnePlus 11

Pixelworks X7 procesador de imagen OnePlus 11

During the OnePlus 11 launch, the manufacturer pointed out that this smartphone is capable of running more than 100 games at 120 FPS. Right off the bat this is not surprising , since any mobile could achieve it if it meets these three requirements: run a game compatible with such speed, have enough power to achieve it and have a screen of at least 120 Hz.

Currently, there are many smartphones that can handle this and more, especially if they have a Snapdragon 8 series. However, the case of the OnePlus 11 is special. The reason? Those games that manage to run at 120 FPS do not officially support such speeds . That is to say, the mobile is the one that does all the magic and the main architect is the Pixelworks X7 image chip .

Thanks to this coprocessor, the OnePlus 11 is capable of executing different advanced image algorithms , such as those included in MotionEngine and Low Power Super-Resolution technologies. The first is the one that allows the exploit that brought you to this article, but the second is also interesting, so we will talk about both.

MotionEngine, the Pixelworks technology that allows you to run games at 120 FPS on the OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 juegos 120 FPS reales

MotionEngine is a frame interpolation technology designed by Pixelworks that is included in the OnePlus 11. In addition, it is what allows this mobile to be able to run games at 120 FPS even when they do not natively support that rate.

What does he do? Using different image algorithms and the power of the X7 chip, MotionEngine recreates and renders additional frames in a game and interpolates them with the original ones up to 120 FPS. For example, if a game is capped at 60 FPS, MotionEngine will create an additional 60 frames to bring it up to 120 FPS. The result? A much more fluid visual experience when playing games .

The problem? Beyond power consumption, frame interpolation can be a real disaster if the latency is too high. However, OnePlus and Pixelworks managed to keep this detail at bay: MotionEngine latency is just 10ms , far less than the minimum range of human perception (which is around 30ms).

Thus, the goal of bringing games up to 120 FPS even without being compatible is successfully achieved in the OnePlus 11. In addition, it is the first mobile in the world capable of doing something like this .

Low Power Super-Resolution also matters, because a game at 120 FPS is useless if it looks bad

OnePlus 11 Low Power Super-Resolution pixelworks

Along with MotionEngine, the other Pixelworks technology that integrates the OnePlus 11 is Low Power Super-Resolution (LPSR). And yes, it may not have attracted so much attention in the presentation of this mobile, but it is as important as MotionEngine .

LPSR allows you to improve the image quality of low-resolution content displayed on the screen (such as some video games). What it does is pass the base image (low resolution) through different enhancement algorithms to obtain a new image of higher quality (high resolution).

This technology may not be necessary on phones with Full HD+ or lower resolutions, since a lot of content is adapted to them. However, it is very important on QHD + screens like the OnePlus 11, since few things work natively at such a high resolution.

Obviously there are limits and LPSR won’t work miracles, but in general the result translates into better visual quality through: sharper and smoother edges, a resolution closer to the native screen, and more authentic scenes in games and movies.

Which games can run at 120 FPS on the OnePlus 11 thanks to MotionEngine and what do they have in common?

OnePlus 11 juegos compatibles 120 FPS

Now, surely you did not want to leave without knowing the list of games that the OnePlus 11 is capable of running at 120 FPS even if they are not officially supported on mobile phones, right? Unfortunately, OnePlus did not reveal the full list , although it did mention 8 of them:

  • Genshin Impact.
  • Glory of the King.
  • CrossFire.
  • QQ Speed.
  • Sky: Children of Light.
  • Game for Peace.
  • Moonlight Blade.
  • League of Legends.

As you will see, some are mobile games, but others are not . So how are these going to work on your OnePlus 11 at 120 FPS? Through the magic of cloud gaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and more.

By the way, you may not know it, but all of these games have one thing in common: they were developed using the Unity game engine . What can this mean? That other titles made in Unity could also be supported later.

Surely you are as impressed as we are after reading all this information, but there is still one question to be answered: will this be the limit?