The creator of the AetherSX2 emulator leaves the project permanently

El emulador AetherSX2 cierra: su creador abandona el proyecto

The AetherSX2 emulator project was showing great promise for playing classic PS2 titles on mobile, but unfortunately, we won’t have any more updates. Not long ago its creator announced that he would stop working on this project indefinitely , which means that it will not receive any more changes of any kind to fix bugs.

The reason? Sadly, something generated by the emulator users themselves . Among the farewell without a return date from Tahlreth, creator of the project, he made clear the reasons for his decision. The note is the only thing that can be seen on the official AetherSX2 website, and in it he cites that his retirement is due to “countless lawsuits, complaints, and now, death threats” .

A promising emulator that is ruined by the toxicity on the Internet

El emulador AetherSX2 cierra

Abusive messages are not something new in this story. Since the project began, its creator and only person in charge at the front received different negative messages from people in his email . Most seemed to have an unrealistic expectation of a project that was being done purely as a hobby.

Complaints, lawsuits and threats, added to the multitude of fake accounts that began to circulate on social networks, gradually took away the creator’s interest in continuing with his project. Before giving the final news, he had previously commented that he was losing his initial motivation.

“AetherSX2 was always seen as an entertaining hobby for me, not a for-profit resource. It doesn’t make sense for me to continue working on a hobby that I no longer find fun.” Tahlreth wrote on the AetherSX2 page as part of his farewell. Then he warned about the number of accounts using the name of his project without authorization that were around the networks and that are false.

AetherSX2 emulator continues to work, but without any support behind it

El emulador AetherSX2 cierra: oficial

The fact that the AetherSX2 project closes does not mean that the emulator will no longer be available. It can still be downloaded from the official page, and even through Google Play . The last update made by its creator remains valid, but patches that fix possible errors in the app will not continue to appear. If you are interested in trying it out to play PS2 games on mobile, you still can.


Price: Free

It is a real shame to see this type of project suddenly end due to miscommunication from its own community. Something that unfortunately becomes the daily bread of developers when they open projects for fun and make it public.

It is not known for sure if the project will resume its course in the future, since the creator did not comment on it other than leaving it indefinitely . Either way, no type of hobby can justify compromising a person’s mental well-being.

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