If you have a Roku, you can now watch these 14 new channels for free

14 canales gratis que llegan a las teles con Roku

In Latin America and the United States, Roku is one of the brands of devices to watch streaming content preferred by users. Its sticks and TV Box are one of the cheapest options to turn any television into a smart one with applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Disney +. You can even watch Star+ on your Smart TV with Roku. And if you want to enjoy free content, Roku offers all its users The Roku Channel platform that includes many free movies and series.

The Roku Channel has been available since 2017 and in recent years has added more and more free content with ad-based monetization . Through its official portal, Roku announced that they have added 14 new linear television channels to the platform, most of them news channels from different regions of the US, although there are also new channels for children and content made in Latin America.

The 14 new free channels coming to TVs with Roku

These are all the new TV channels recently added by Roku that you can stream for free:

  • BBC Kids : is a channel with educational and entertainment content for the little ones in the house.
  • BOUNCE XL : This channel was created specifically for the African-American public in the United States, so it has content related to this social group with original programming and specials, including comedies, dramas and more.
  • Cheaters – If you like to see how people who cheated on their partners are caught on camera, you’ll love this channel. It broadcasts shows where people hire hidden camera crews to spy on their partners and gather incriminating evidence.
  • Cine EstrellaTV : You can find this channel in the “Spanish Latino” category of Roku Channel, as it is 100% in Spanish. At Cine EstrellaTV you will see the best of Latin cinema for fans 24 hours a day.
  • Court TV : This is a channel that broadcasts mini-documentaries of true crimes, as well as live and in-depth legal reports of the most interesting trials in the country. In addition, the chain offers special attractions and true crime series.
  • Grit Xtra :s the home of your favorite action heroes. Presents the classic American story in its iconic Western movies and series.
  • Ion – Here you can see a collection of the most watched dramas on television, such as Law and Order: SVU, NCIS, Chicago PD and others.
  • Ion Mystery – As above, but dedicated to criminal investigation, real-life docuseries, and exclusive original shows.
  • Ion Plus – Offers more variety of content 24/7 with hit series and top dramas.
  • NBC Boston News – For breaking local news (if you live in Boston), breaking news, weather forecasts, and live events in the Boston area.
  • LX News – The live news coverage channel that examines the events that shape our world.
  • NBC San Diego News – For San Diegans who want the latest local news, breaking news, weather forecasts and live events in their territory.
  • NBC San Francisco Bay Area News – If you’re in the Bay Area, this is the channel to watch for breaking news.
  • Roku Westerns Channel – The Wildest Westerns are here. Whether you’re a fan of Westerns or Westerns, or just starting to watch them, you’ll enjoy this selection of classic and modern Westerns.

If you just want to know what free television channels Roku has in Spanish, click on the following link:

Link | All the channels in Spanish of Roku Channels

And in case you were wondering, it is not possible to watch free Roku channels on a television with Android TV (unless you send it from your mobile via Chromecast). Unfortunately, there is no APK of The Roku Channels for Android TV , since it is an exclusive platform for Roku devices. Also, please note that Roku Channels is an exclusive benefit of Roku users in the United States.

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