Is Your Site Hacked? Check with Google Webmaster Tools

Google recently announced a brand new user interface for the Keywords feature in the Google Webmaster Tools. Goolgle ‘ll now be updating the data daily, providing details on how often Google found a specific keyword, and displaying a handful of URLs that contain a specific keyword.

The new feature is especially helpful to identify which URLs may have been hacked.

For example, if you start noticing your site appearing in search results for terms totally unrelated to your website (for example, “Viagra” or “casino”), you can use this feature to find those keywords and identify the pages that contain them. This will enable you to eliminate any hacked content quickly.

I tested with this new feature and found unexpectedly keyword “flag” shows high significance in my site (ranked 4th by significance).

Keyword List

Then I clicked on the keyword “flag” and did a quick drilldown analysis. It immediately shows keyword “flag” has occured 690 through my entire site

Keyword Occurance

and also listed 10 URLs that contains the keyword.

URL list

I clicked on the URL and it directed me to the web page. Then I started viewing the page source and locating the keyword “flag” with search function. I carefully checked the source code with the keyword “flag” and understood that it is because my wordpress translator plugin, and the keyword mainly occurs in the image alt tag. Although it is not hacking but still worries me, cuz it will make Google mistake our site is somehow related to “Flag”.

Enjoy the new feature.

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