Keyword Density: Tips on Using It Correctly

Have you ever come across an article that read at least one word over and over again? This can be very annoying. Various websites owners may choose to overstuff their articles with a certain keyword or keyword phrase hoping to gain rank from search engines and increase traffic to their site. Little do they know this is a process doomed for failure and neither of the two will be accomplished. In this article, you will read and learn about the correct way to use these special phrases.

The best way to make sure your website or webpage is being top ranked by search engines is to use a keyword density of 1% to 4%.

To achieve 1% you would need to insert your keyword or keyword phrase once for every hundred words. Depending how well you may need to get your point across, than a 4% or 5% may also do the trick. If the article is not a very long article, than I recommend not going overboard with a 7% or higher.

Using the word that you chose to be placed on search engine results every once in a blue moon will result in poor quality.

This means using it once for about every thousand words. By doing this it may reduce your website chances of becoming top ranked on search engines. It will seem as though the keyword id irrelevant to the article so there would be no reason to place it on a search page.

Overstuffing your selected keywords is a very bad option.

This process is known as keyword stuffing. Many times search engines view this as a spam alert and will simply ignore your work due to this particular cause.

Lowering your keyword density may be necessary if there are too many other words that are similar to your original word. In example would be the usage of the phrase, “pretty flowers.” Related terms include, “lovely dandelions,” “roses,” “bouquet,” and “flower.”

So what if you are not sure how many times you used your keyword?

If using a writing document software, such as Microsoft word, then you can always check the number of times you used a certain word. Just use the find command and type in whatever you are looking for. If you are unable to write using a writing software, then you can use various tools on the web that allows you to check the amount of usage of a term in your article.

Be sure to always include the term you plan on using for search engines in the title of your document. You can go from there on when to use the rest.

Now that I have given you a view tips on keyword density and the correct usage, make sure you use this information to the best of you knowledge. Stay clear of the dangers of keyword studding and other defects for articles.

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