MIUI launches Game Turbo 5.0, the new mode to play that you should use

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, today there is good news for you: the company has just released Game Turbo 5.0, the latest version of MIUI Game Mode . If you usually play on your smartphone, it is one of the most important apps and you should know what’s new. You can now install and try the new options that it includes for all Xiaomi mobiles . We tell you everything about Game Turbo .

New Game Turbo 5.0 with real FPS tracking

Game Turbo is an app that most Xiaomi phones with MIUI have. Its goal is to improve the experience when you open a game to use it. It has several options that allow you to improve performance, avoid distractions, free up RAM or record the screen while you play.

Now version 5.0 arrives with one of the most important new features since its launch: real-time FPS tracking. The new ” Performance Monitor ” allows the user to visualize a graph with the FPS in real time .

It is possible to compare them with previous changes in Game Turbo options. What is this for? You will have the possibility to know which FPS rate is higher with each change you make. This way it will be easier to find the perfect setting between performance and graphic quality.

If you play with your Android mobile, it is a highly recommended option to know how your device performs in each game and try to improve the FPS rate .

How to install the new Game Turbo 5.0

The app has already been updated, although it is not being distributed worldwide. To have the news, you must manually install the update. Doing this is extremely simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Download APK Security V6.2.2 (Telegram)
  2. Install the APK on your device
  3. Clever

The steps couldn’t be easier. Once you download the APK from the Xiaomiui Telegram channel, you will simply have to install it and open any game: Game Turbo 5.0 will be operational with the news that we have already told you about.

Game Turbo is compatible with all Xiaomi phones

If your Xiaomi mobile has a Global version of MIUI, it is compatible. It does not matter the model, the version of Android or the time it has, it is only necessary a global version and not a Chinese version of the customization layer.

If you have bought your Xiaomi in Europe or Latin America , it is most likely that you can install Game Turbo 5.0 without any problem and use it when you play. Do you use Game Turbo? Did you know its possibilities?