Top 5 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in SEO

Link building is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO campaign. The quality of backlinks to your webpage helps to increase page ranking in search engine result. Higher search engine ranking means higher visitor’s traffic and the more users visit your webpage the more growth of your business.

What is link building in SEO?

Link building is an activity to include relevant incoming web links to your website. To assure higher page ranking, your website should include inbound links with good quality link context and page ranking.

Top 5 link building mistakes to avoid:

Focus on quantity rather than quality

Every day search engines are getting smarter. No matter how many links you include to your website, it will be of no use, if they are irrelevant, inorganic or of poor quality. Instead, your focus should be on getting backlinks from related and quality websites which would naturally link back to your website.

Links from substandard websites

If you get backlinks from a website that looks like spam to any search engine, you also become linked with it in a way. If you are connected with number of random and low quality websites, you will end up not getting required importance from the search engine. You may also receive penalty for this from search engine. Therefore no matter how much money any website offer to you check their reputation first, before anything else.

Ignoring the importance of keywords that appear in the anchor text

One of the most important rules you should maintain to produce better SEO result, is to give emphasis to the keywords that appear in the anchor text. There is no point of getting high quality backlinks with anchor text that is irrelevant for your website. Through keywords in the anchor text the search engines as well as users get to know what your website is all about. In that way keyword rich anchor texts help your website to get higher page ranking.

Backlinks from irrelevant sites

If you have a website on ‘cookery’ it’s useless to get a link from website on ‘spiritual retreat’. For the sake of getting more backlinks you should never go for links that are not relevant to your website content.

Non indexed sites connection

If you want your backlinks to count, you need to make sure the webpage on which you have your link, is indexed. You can not get any outcome from having links on non indexed pages.

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