Track Website Ranking Performance, Free Rank Checker Tool

CuteRank is not only able to check your current website rankings on multiple search engines, but also store the website ranking data into database , so that allows us to track website rankings in a very long term (1 year) and see website ranking fluctuations after changes on the website or on the search engines side. Let’s have a look how we can track website ranking performance with CuteRank.

Track Website Ranking in Ranking Chart

On the right top on CuteRank’s main interface you can see the ranking chart. The ranking chart will display the ranking result on a daily basis. You can switch among “7 days”, “1 months”, “3 months”, “6 months” and “1 year” to see your ranking performance in different time range.

Track Website Ranking Performance

Track Website Rankings Using the Export Function

Every time you checked your website ranking, CuteRank will automatically save the ranking data into database. This allows us to export the ranking results back into history. CuteRank currently supports exporting ranking data into two formats: csv and pdf. You can click the following links to view a sample of exported ranking data.

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