Fiber failing you? Pepephone will compensate you with 20 GB every day

Pepephone te da 20 GB gratis si te falla la fibra

Pepephone is one of the operators that has the most attractive rates on the market, and has recently launched one that you cannot miss. As part of a policy to compensate users, Pepephone is giving away 20 GB to all those affected by fiber failures.

As you read it, if you are a client of the operator and you run out of Internet due to a fiber breakdown , you do not have to worry. You will be able to continue browsing from your mobile thanks to the 20 GB gift that the company will give you.

Pepephone gives you 20 GB for free if your fiber fails

Te fallo la fibra Pues Pepephone te lo compensara con 20 GB

It is not the first time that Pepephone gives away GB to navigate on the mobile. In fact, this policy has been implemented by the operator since 2018 . Initially, the company gave away 1 GB to users who had problems with the fiber. This was later upgraded to 5 GB, then 10 GB, and now it’s 20 GB that your carrier compensates you with.

These free GB are available to all those who are users of both fiber and Pepephone mobile data. In addition, the company has clarified that the user will receive 20 GB of daily data . These will be renewed daily if the fiber problem lasts more than 24 hours.

On the other hand, the operator has also revealed that fiber failures that persist for more than one day will generate a discount on the bill for this service. And getting the free 20 GB from Pepephone is very easy. All you have to do is contact customer service to report the fiber failure and the free mobile data will be activated immediately.

Can I take advantage of the free 20 GB to browse on my computer or laptop?

Although the 20 GB that Pepephone gives away are intended for browsing on your mobile, you can take advantage of it on your laptop or computer. This is thanks to the fact that you can share the Internet of your mobile with other devices . Don’t know how to do it? Well, here we leave you a tutorial on how to turn your Android into a WiFi repeater.