How WhatsApp encryption works

Security on the Internet, social networks or instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp is really important. WhatsApp has an encryption called end-to-end encryption, but what does end-to-end mean? How does this encryption work? In the next article we will tell you. And so, clarify all doubts.

Encryption is the method by which WhatsApp messages are truly secure . The so-called end-to-end encryption is so called because all the messages, statuses, calls, photos, videos, audios and documents that you send are safe, since they only arrive from your mobile directly to your contact’s mobile.

Not even WhatsApp will know what you send

Imagen - Cómo funciona el cifrado de WhatsApp

The good thing about WhatsApp encryption is that all the content and data that we send or receive from our contacts is safe , since only we and your contacts can see it. WhatsApp will never be able to see it.

Surely more than once you have seen the message in which WhatsApp informs you that the security code of one of your contacts has changed. Well , that code is, so to speak, like the key to the “padlock” that protects the messages you send.

In the following image you can see the example of the security code that is maintained with a contact. In order to see this code you will have to go to the profile of any of your WhatsApp contacts and click on “Encryption” .

Imagen - Cómo funciona el cifrado de WhatsApp

You can verify that your messages and those of your contact are encrypted end-to-end if you scan the code of your contact or vice versa, in this way you will be able to know if your conversations are being encrypted or not.

Encryption in chats with companies

Imagen - Cómo funciona el cifrado de WhatsApp

Very recently WhatsApp updated its privacy policy, which sooner or later we had to accept all users in order to continue using the messaging app.

In this new policy, WhatsApp maintains end-to-end encryption of conversations with our contacts , but with companies it is totally different and for good reason.

The chats you have with companies are also protected and it is WhatsApp that considers that companies have the same encryption as the one used by its application, that is, end-to-end encryption.

User data is collected by companies for informational purposes only and in order to generate a better response and quality to the customer, although organizations may use said data for marketing.

Therefore, we can conclude that security is an essential issue today in any aspect, as is WhatsApp.

Now that you know how WhatsApp encryption works , you can be more than calm, because all your conversations are totally secure, as long as you have verified that the security codes are the same in both cases.