Top Popular Keywords for Internet Marketing

What is Keyword?

By definition Keywords are the words or phrases that contain core essence of the text. It’s the words people use to search for information regarding any product or service on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Importance of Keywords in internet marketing:

Keywords are the chief ingredient for success of internet marketing strategy. For the reason that if your goal is to get organic high search engine ranking, certain search engine optimization techniques have to be implemented and keywords play the central role in them. Therefore, effective keyword research should be done to select the correct keywords for webpage to make sure that it easily get find out by users.

All about the right Keyword:

– Know your market first. Find out who are likely to be your prospective customers
– Learn what are the keywords popularly used by customers when they search for information relevant to your product
– Then make a list of the phrases you believe are relevant to your company product and service
– Remember, the aim is not to choose most frequently used keywords, but to select the most popular keywords used by users to find out your products

How to get the popular Keywords for web content?

– Compile a list of most popular keywords used by your target customers
– Compile your own set of list
– But to get more perfect result go for few websites that help to find out right keyword for your content. These websites offer free keyword suggestion online.
– Most importantly, use common sense and try to understand customer’s behavior

Top popular keywords:

Use words like free, company, top, affordable, for sale, buy, services, methods, rates, consulting, quote, offer, shop, internet, connection, club, food, travel, skin care, latest, learn, drive, love, lose weight, visit, life, education, weight, drink, watch, mountain, read, make, kill, hotels, hot, best buy, target, dictionary, southwest airlines, ask, amateur, target, games, free e cards, maps, cars, American airlines, free games, online games, movies, news, electronics, networks, how to, best, local, order, leading, affiliates, training, professional, pricing etc as keywords for best result.

Last words:

– Don’t use terms that are too short or general
– Try to use long tail, specific keywords. But make sure not to choose keywords that are too specific that no one searches for them
– Don’t over use keywords in webpage content.
– Use keywords in the first paragraph

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